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Coventry Standards

Download and Print Coventry Standards

It is our goal to create a safe and friendly atmosphere. To maintain this goal, we have set forth these standards:

1. Common sense prevails in keeping with a family atmosphere.

2. We are a family nudist club, not clothing optional.

3. Photographic equipment of any kind may not be used without written approval of management.

4. Excessive physical or indecent contact of any kind will not be tolerated. If anyone’s behavior offends you or you are made to feel uncomfortable, management wants to know about it immediately or as soon as possible.

5. Public intoxication will not be tolerated. Firearms of any kind are forbidden unless registered at the office.

6. Solicitation of any business or any service on club grounds is strictly prohibited without written permission.

7. Sound from audio equipment is to be kept at a minimum on lots. Only equipment with earphones may be used on the beach.

8. Approved campfires in designated areas only. Open campfires are not allowed. Campfires are allowed in approved containers only.

9. Please be respectful of the 11 pm quiet hour at campsites.

10. All boats and canoes must be docked at assigned docking.

11. Dogs must be leashed at all times and are not allowed within the beach area. You must clean up after them. Pet owners are responsible for their pets and release Coventry from liability for any damage or harm done to others while on Coventry property.

12. Lots must be kept clean, neat and properly groomed. If lot is deemed unacceptable and warnings have been ignored management will correct and back charge based on landscaping fees.

13. Trash must be sorted between household and recyclable. Special containers are set up near the pole barn for recyclables and dumpster at the main gate for garbage.

14. Gasoline powered boat engines are not permitted on the lake.

15. All rules are subject to interpretation by management.

16. Coventry reserves the right to refuse admittance and or eject, suspend, or revoke membership without cause, refund or recourse.

17. Please be aware that you are responsible, not Coventry. You are using the facilities at your own risk.